Apartment Branded Solutions

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are in the process of testing a new rollout. If you experience issues and would like to give us a nod, please email us at sales@splashbranding.com. We thank you for visiting and hope to chat with you soon.

Our mission is to provide top-quality branded solutions tailored for property management companies. We understand that property managers often face major challenges due to long delays in receiving their products, whether it’s company uniforms, printed materials, or large format marketing materials. At Apartment Branded Solutions™, we are committed to eliminating these unnecessary delays by implementing prompt and efficient production and shipping methods.

With a focus on a cohesive brand identity across all properties, we offer a range of high-quality branded apparel, printed materials, and indoor/outdoor marketing signage. This allows you to ensure a consistent and professional look for your office and maintenance staff, while maintaining an accurate and on-point brand representation across all your properties.

Navigating through our personalized order site built especially for you, is a breeze providing you with a user-friendly platform loaded with all your available products. We prioritize excellent customer service, quick turnaround and responsive communication. We are ready to assist you in finding the perfect branding solutions that align with your unique identity.

Navigating the rest of this site will show you a working, but non-live demo of our ecommerce platform. Feel free to test drive the site, order a few items, and go through checkout. You’ll get a real-time feel of the site and even an order confirmation if you add your email address at checkout. Don’t worry, it’s just a test drive and you won’t get an actual invoice.

For more information or questions you may have, please reach out to us today.

Tim Lippard